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Les Gouttieres BJR is a division of BJR Landscaping that has been serving the west end of Montreal for more than 20 years. We concentrate on residential homes and fabricate custom aluminum gutters that fit your specific home. With our landscape experience we determine the best locations and quantity of downspouts to accommodate the amount of water that the gutters will have as runoff, always trying to keep the water as far away from your foundation as possible. 

We serve the West end of Montreal. From NDG, Cote St.Luc, Montreal West, Lasalle & Verdun to the complete West Island.

We guarantee you meticulous, careful, respectful work with efficiency. Our primary goal is the satisfaction of our customers. Our quality products will match perfectly with the style of your home. We have up to date color choices. We manufacture our custom high quality, durable aluminum gutters on site at a competitive price.

Whether it is a refurbishment of your gutters, a modification, a repair that causes you problems, we are here to meet all your needs. Is the downspout obstructed? This can cause damage to your home, we have the solution. We do the gutter cleaning in order to have a good flow without causing any hassles.

patios and outdoor living space design

Gutter / Eavestrough Installation:

We manufacture top quality custom aluminum gutters with a warranty. Our gutters are made on site in our trucks equipped with a seamless gutter machine. We specialize in residential installations of all kinds.  We install our aluminum gutters which is a durable material and insensitive to climatic variations. The gutters are available in multiple colors and are installed with brackets(instead of nails) which provides a more stable and durable gutter that can withstand our tough Quebec winters. The brackets are installed on the inside of the gutter which provides a very clean appearance on the outside of the gutter.

Soffits & Fascia:

We also install new soffits & fascia. Our carpentry teams can also repair/change rotten wood behind old soffits or fascia. We install new downpipes in multiple color choices to match the different exterior finishes of your house.

patios and outdoor living space design
patios and outdoor living space design

Gutter Cleaning:

Regular gutter cleaning is a very important part of your home’s maintenance. Gutters are there to control the flow of rainwater away from your home.

Gutters filled or blocked with leaves and debris can cause roof leaks and damage to the foundation and the interior and exterior of your home. It is recommended to clean your gutters twice a year (end of spring and again in fall before winter).

Gutter Guards:

We offer the installation of aluminum gutter covers to keep debris out of your gutters. The product is called ProGuard II and is made to fit the standard 5″ gutter.

By keeping the debris out of your gutters and downspouts it eliminates the chance of blocking the gutters and having the water back up against your house & foundation.

patios and outdoor living space design
Gutters & Sidings

Repair Service:

We can send a specialist to assess your problem & tackle the necessary repair.

Whether it be leaks in & behind your gutters or replacing any old or broken downpipes. We can also add new downpipes in different locations to take the water away from your house in a different area than originally installed.

Ground extensions can be added or changed to direct water away from the foundation.

Our carpentry teams can also repair/change rotten wood behind old soffits or fascia. As well as repairing the existing fascia and Soffits to keep your house watertight.


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The BJR Landscaping group was fast, efficient and well mannered. They completed some very beautiful stonework for our yard as well as new grass and gardens. We are very appreciative of the emergency repair and reinforcement work they did on a preexisting deck; as well as an impressive asphalt driveway. Even our neighbors were impressed with their teamwork, neatness, and speed and most of all the beauty of the final project. We thank them very much.
L. Bennett and W. Diaz


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Since 2000 BJR Services has provided services to Residential and Commercial clients throughout Montreal’s West Island and surrounding areas.

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